Landmark Challenge Winner: Chaiwat

Last term’s Landmark Challenge was won by Chaiwat from Thailand. Chaiwat won five European landmarks, narrowly beating the four awarded to Yai Mai (Thailand), Carrie (China), Emi (Mexico) and Jessica (England).

Thank you to the Year 9 and EAL students for all their hard work this term.


Trip to Lacock Abbey and Marlborough

Two minibuses set off from Padworth College with Year 9 EAL students to Lacock Abbey and Marlborough.

At Lacock students enjoyed seeing some of the locations in the Harry Potter films. The cauldron and the cloisters were firm favourites. After a tour of the abbey and a visit to the Fox Talbot photography museum they enjoyed a wander around the village of Lacock, which is also a popular set for period dramas such as Pride and Prejudice, and Downton Abbey.

Just after midday they boarded the buses again and followed Cathryn on the ‘scenic’ route to Marlborough, passing thatched cottages, the White Horse at Cherhill and Silbury Hill near Avebury.

In Marlborough they met Ian, their guide for the Merchant’s House – a 17th Century silk merchant’s home that has many of the original features. The uneven oak floorboards of the main room, the original paintwork and the large dining room with table and ‘turkeywoorke’ chairs were of particular interest. Ismail enjoyed sitting at the head of the table and entertaining his classmates!

After twenty minutes of free time in England’s widest high street they jumped back on the bus and were home in time for tea!

‘Languages Day’ with our native speakers

Last week a group of our students visited The Cedars School in Aldermaston. They took part in ‘Languages Day’ and read out ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ in their own languages (French, Spanish, Chinese and Thai) to the children before giving language workshops to each year group. Our students really enjoyed the activities and we look forward to our next collaboration with The Cedars School.

World Book Day Quiz

We held the Annual World Book Day Quiz in Assembly this morning. Students answered question on a wide range of topics and showed that they had amazing knowledge about birds in fiction, UNESCO listed world heritage sites, famous Christophers and much more. Everyone enjoyed the challenge and the results were very close.

‘Fun with Languages’@Padworth

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Business Foundation students preparing for interviews

Yesterday our Business Foundation students were visited by Mr. West a College trustee and owner of a local business. He took time out of his busy schedule to conduct formal interviews in order to prepare us for future interviews. We all found it very interesting and also learned a lot of things which could come in handy. My colleagues and I thanked Mr. West by sending him a letter of appreciation.

written by Abiola Onasanya

Read more about our Business Foundation course here.

International outreach to local community

This week our Year 12 students visited Aldermaston Primary School to speak about Lunar New Year and other Chinese and Vietnamese customs. They also helped with crafts and cooking and taught numbers, colours and greetings in Mandarin Chinese and Vietnamese to the Aldermaston pupils. Our sixth formers really enjoyed the experience of meeting the local schoolchildren and learnt a great deal from this cultural and linguistic exchange. We look forward to working with Aldermaston CE Primary School again soon.

A History of Magic

Our Year 9 visited London to see some of the treasures of the British Library. They have been researching some of the very ancient books, maps, letters and manuscripts that are carefully preserved and are lasting legacies of important pivotal moments in our history. Shakespeare’s poems, the Magna Carta and beautifully illustrated religious books make up some of the most popular manuscripts. There was also a special exhibition called HARRY POTTER: A HISTORY OF MAGIC where students explored a treasure trove of magical artefacts from around the world including the Ripley Scroll an ancient parchment promising to reveal the secret of the Elixir of Life and a 3000 year old cauldron found in the Thames.

Psychology Trip to London

Our GCSE and A Level Psychology students went to London and visited three museums. In The Natural History Museum the students looked at the ‘Evolution’ section, in The Science Museum the students spent time in the interactive psychology section ‘Who Am I?’ and they also visited a photography exhibition about history of India. Lastly the students enjoyed the European sculpture, Japanese and Middle Eastern sections in Victoria and Albert Museum.

Here is what some of the students said about the trip…

Somriddho: “The trip was super fun and I learnt loads about British culture, history etc.”

Daniel: “The trip was amazing and a very good experience. My personal favourite was the Victoria and Albert Museum because of the artistic views on the portrayal of Christianity.”

Dina: “The best thing about this trip was the fact that we were a small group but managed to have the full experience. Everyone got to look at whatever section they were interested in and I personally loved the art details that I got to see.”

Maria: “It was a very fun trip. We got to visit three different museums in just one day. All of them were interesting and I learnt something new. It is always fun to have a different way of learning, instead of just sitting in a class like any normal school day.”

Somriddho performed his poem in Reading

Somriddho Dasgupta, our A Level student, enjoys writing his own poems. He was asked to perform his latest poem at the South Streets Art Centre in Reading.



Your hair still lingers, but in new shades of blue

Your smile still sparkles, but its done blinding me through


We don’t dance on our oil canvas anymore

Strangers, blew out prim rose candles

In sheets velvet, turned them gold


Sometimes the truth isn’t true enough

For I took you for petroleum

To start an ignition in my jet black heart

Instead, you kissed me down to ashes

Wore them as a highlight on your cheekbones

High, high enough to start a war


Often the truth isn’t true enough

The ashes are your combusted soul

That I step on with my Balenciaga shoes

Remains of the Hollister you

The fire in my lips

The explosion from our spark


The truth isn’t true enough

I can not hurt you

I will burn blue

But never burn you