Activities in Boarding.

Boarders enjoy many activities during the week and at weekends. We encourage a good balance where boarders are free to join as many activities as they like or equally they may choose to relax and socialise with their friends.


  • Every evening: homework and study support
  • Mondays: badminton
  • Tuesdays: basketball, local supermarket trip
  • Wednesdays: in-house recreational activities such as board and card games, pool, table tennis and table football, etc.
  • Thursdays: football, local supermarket trip
  • Fridays: off-campus recreational activities such as ice-skating, yoga, cinema, bowling, horse riding, etc.


  • London Sightseeing
  • Excursions to Oxford, Reading, etc.
  • Trips to the Zoo, Laser Quest, Theme Parks etc.
  • Attending live sport events – football, hockey and more.

There are no fixed weekend leave-outs for students. Any student requesting a leave-out must follow the correct procedure and have written parental/guardian consent.

Note: Availability of subjects above and additional subjects is based on student demand.

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