College Life

We offer our students a very warm, friendly, family-style community, where everyone is known, looked after and cared for by a leading team of academic, pastoral and admin staff.

The school day is packed with classes, academic clinics, UCAS support, sport and extracurricular activities in the form of clubs and other activities.

Life at Padworth combines first-class teaching and learning, a wide range of extra-curricular clubs and activities, together with outstanding pastoral support. Everything we do at Padworth is designed to support student’s personal development and maximise their chances of academic success. Our goal is to help students achieve the results required to secure entry to their first choice university, but also to prepare them physically and emotionally for life beyond Padworth.


Weekdays Weekends
0700 Wake-up
0750 Breakfast
0820 Prepare for lessons
0840 Registration
0845 Period 1 0900 to 1130 Weekly assessments (Saturdays)
0930 Period 2
1015 Period 3
1100 Break
1120 Period 4
1205 Period 5
1250 Lunch 1300 Lunch
1340 Period 6 1400 Activities
1425 Period 7
1510 Period 8
1555 Clubs, Academic Clinics
1800 Dinner 1800 Dinner
1845 Prep 1900 Activities/House Meeting
2015 Activities/Sport
2145 Free time/time in boarding
2230 Lights out 2230 Lights out


Assemblies are held every Monday morning and are a whole school event.  The theme for assembly changes weekly and is usually in line with the PSHE programme for the week. Assemblies are led by the Principal, staff and students.

Personal Tutors

Personal Tutors have a pastoral, academic and administrative role. They maintain oversight of their tutees’ experiences and achievements, as well as give guidance and support on all aspects of the student’s school life.

The Personal Tutor is a key person to whom students can go for help, guidance and mentoring. Tutors work closely with the Deputy Principal and the rest of the team at Padworth. Students meet their Personal Tutor on a daily basis and Tutors are in regular communication with parents.


Events are scheduled throughout the academic year. Every December, we host ‘Christmas at Padworth’ – a traditional Christmas dinner, followed by carols. During the Spring Term, we organise International Week, celebrating the cultural diversity of the College’s international community.

At the end of the academic year, we celebrate the achievements of students, inside and outside the classroom at Speech Day, which is followed by the Leavers Ball to say farewell to our graduating class.

School Council and Leadership

The students have their own representative body, the School Council which is elected by the student community at the beginning of each academic year and which provides a forum for all students to have their say on any aspect of College life. The School Council meets regularly to promote the views of the students.

In addition, a number of students are appointed to special positions such as Heads of House, Student Leaders and Student Ambassadors. The aim of these roles is to offer leadership opportunities for students within the College and to create an additional channel of communication for our College community.


At Padworth, we offer subject-related trips alongside optional social trips that take place at weekends and during holidays. Every year, we also offer one trip to Europe.


All students play part as part of the school week. Activities are varied and fun and include football, basketball, badminton, yoga, fitness and many more!

Find out more about sport at Padworth

Dress Code

Students should look smart, presentable and ready-to-work, or in their case, study! Clothes and shoes must be clean, tidy, in good repair and appropriate for work. All clothes should be machine washable and suitable for tumble drying.

Students who identify as transgender or gender non-binary are welcome to adhere to the dress code, as appropriate to their identity.

College dress must be worn from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 16:00, unless the student is participating in sport or it is a mufti day. Outside these hours, students are invited to relax and change in to more comfortable clothes.

The Principal has the final decision regarding the suitability of all items of dress and general appearance.

College Dress

  • A plain polo shirt with sleeves of appropriate length and a visible collar or a cotton shirt or blouse.
  • Plain, full-length long tailored trousers in a dark colour or plain dark skirt, avoiding extremes of length.
  • Dark socks or dark/opaque plain tights.
  • Leather shoes (maximum heel 4 cm), black or brown monocoloured, not above the ankle or trainer style.
  • Plain jumper or cardigan (‘V’ or round neck); no hoods/motifs, zips or pockets.
  • A blazer or suit style jacket may be worn if desired.