International Students and Guardians

It is a legal requirement for international students to have a guardian when living in the UK. Parents who do not reside in the UK, or who may be abroad for a period of time on business or holiday with children in British boarding schools, are required to appoint a guardian. This person must respond to the needs of both the child and the College.

Choosing a Guardian

Details of the guardian must be provided to the College before the first day on which the student is enrolled at the College. It is the responsibility of parents to inform the College of any changes to these details.

A guardian must be aware of the role that the College expects them to take. If a parent chooses not to appoint an AEGIS accredited guardian, then the College will require further information about the proposed guardian (refer below).

The College will take appropriate steps to ensure that the students are safe and that the guardianship arrangement will promote the physical and emotional well-being of the student. College staff are unable to act as educational guardians for boarders.

The Role of the Guardian

A guardian:

  • Must be an adult over the age of 25;
  • Must be either a family friend, relative, agent or guardianship agency;
  • Must have authority to act on behalf of the parents in all respects;
  • Must have a permanent or semi-permanent address in the UK;
  • Must be able to provide suitable accommodation for a student, but not student or university accommodation;
  • Must be prepared to take responsibility for a student when they are not in the College – e.g., during the holidays or if the student is ill;
  • Must be available if called upon during term time;
  • Must be able to respond in an emergency;
  • Must speak sufficient English to communicate adequately with the College;
  • Must be prepared to provide or organise transportation for a student;
  • Must be willing to receive student reports and other communications from the College, if requested by the student’s parents, acting as an intermediary and attending parents’ meetings and other College events; and
  • Must provide accurate contact information to the College (including contact phone number, email address and full address) and to update this information when necessary.

Guardianship Agencies

If a student’s parents do not know a suitable person to nominate as a guardian, the College will be able to supply details of professional guardianship organisations which have been formally inspected and accredited by AEGIS (the Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students) –

Family Appointed Guardians

If a parent chooses not to appoint an AEGIS accredited guardian, then the College will require copies of the following documents to retain on file:

  • Valid photo ID – e.g., passport or driving licence;
  • Proof of address, dated within the last 3 months – e.g., a utility bill; and
  • Proof of right to live in the UK for guardians who are not British citizens – e.g., a BRP.


In the event of an emergency and if the student does not have a guardian or does not have satisfactory guardianship arrangements in place, the College reserves the right to appoint an AEGIS guardian at the parents’ expense, or to send the student home.

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