GCSE Chemists visited the Thames Water sewage treatment works at Slough to find out more about the supply of drinking water to homes and businesses and how waste water is treated and made safe.  In the Education Centre on site, the students learned that Thames Water supplies 8.8 million people with drinking water and provides wastewater… Read More

Living Rainforest trip r

IGCSE Geography and Humanities students visited the Living Rainforest in nearby Hampstead Norreys and enjoyed a guided tour on ‘Sustainable Future’ of the world’s tropical rainforests. All the students learned about the vulnerability of the tropical rainforest and its living things. They gained an insight into its rapid destruction and considered how it should be managed… Read More

Information Age Gallery at the Science Museum London

Students visited the new Information Age Gallery at the Science Museum in London to explore the exhibitions on six networks that changed our world and the history of computing.  Students enjoyed learning about early computers, transatlantic cables, the telstar satellite, the cell tower, a telephone that showed sounds as electronic signals, the space sections and looking… Read More


GCSE Art students visited the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford to find inspiration for their coursework from the extensive art and archaeological collections in the Museum.   One of the students said. “ The Museum had a wide variety of different works of art and historical artefacts that has inspired my own artwork back at school.”… Read More


In this morning’s assembly, we welcomed Matthew Betts from the National Citizens’ Service who came to talk to the students about the Summer Citizenship programme which they offer to students aged 14-17. The 3 week residential programme offers the opportunity to take part in activities such as rock climbing, canoeing, hiking and archery as well… Read More