Languages and Cultural Awareness open the Door to the World

Teaching in small groups and our interactive approach to learning provide an ideal environment for language learning.  The diverse linguistic and cultural background of our students means that language acquisition happens all the time.  Outside the classroom our international atmosphere is a unique place where languages can be applied and practised.  Every student is given opportunities to exercise their individual language skills and develop confidence in learning a new language.  Our British students enjoy studying modern languages as part of their curriculum.

‘Student Tandems’

We celebrate our unique way of learning languages by encouraging ‘Student Tandems’ for linguistic and cultural exchange.  Our teacher-led ‘Student Tandems’ are face-to-face encounters in small groups.  ‘Tandems’ give students the possibility to learn a new, foreign language from a native speaker as a two-way exchange.  This reflects the cultural awareness shared by all at Padworth.

Are you Padworth? If you are a unique individual and open–minded global citizen, we are the right school for you.

Tom Griffiths Padworth College Registrar
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