Visiting Bletchley Park

Posted: 22nd June 2018

Bletchley Park Machine

A great time was had by all, despite the long journey there and back. We visited Bletchley Park which was the central site for British codebreakers during World War II. According to the official historian of British Intelligence, the “Ultra” intelligence produced at Bletchley shortened the war by two to four years, and without it the outcome of the war would have been uncertain. Our students saw the oldest working computer which could only carry out simple calculations. They couldn’t believe how much technology had changed over the years. It was such fun being able to program their own games of snake and to play the computer games that were common in the 80s. “How amazing it was to see how someone from so many years ago was able to predict the future of technology” says Louie a Year 10 student. “We wish we could have stayed longer.” says Chinmay.



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