School Trip to Geneva

Posted: 9th May 2018

A group of students recently went on a school trip to Geneva, Switzerland. Perhaps the highlight and main objective was the ground breaking CERN facility. Our students had the opportunity to ask the most fundamental questions which govern our universe and to enjoy an action packed and immersive tour of the labs. We learnt how the Large Hadron Collider works, the types of particles that are accelerated and produced, and the important information that can be extracted and interpreted. The experience left the tour group awe-struck with many gaining a renewed vigour for the sciences. In addition to CERN, we enjoyed the Swiss culture and all the types of foods on offer from the amazing fondue experience to all the different meats and pastries. A stand out for the students was however, the Collier chocolate factory. Here, we were able to learn about the origins of chocolate, as well as its journey onto the shelves. Our students were allowed to eat as much as they desired and many listed the Collier chocolate as one of the best they have tasted. We did not stop there…. we visited the United Nations and learnt a great deal about the peace process in conflict and we experienced an extremely interesting tour of the Olympic Museum, with emphasis on the Winter Olympics in South Korea recently. A boat cruise then provided the ideal relaxation opportunity after all of our exploits. We really enjoyed ourselves and will never forget this amazing educational experience.

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