Psychology Trip to London

Posted: 9th February 2018

Psychology Trip to London

Our GCSE and A Level Psychology students went to London and visited three museums. In The Natural History Museum the students looked at the ‘Evolution’ section, in The Science Museum the students spent time in the interactive psychology section ‘Who Am I?’ and they also visited a photography exhibition about history of India. Lastly the students enjoyed the European sculpture, Japanese and Middle Eastern sections in Victoria and Albert Museum.

Here is what some of the students said about the trip…

Somriddho: “The trip was super fun and I learnt loads about British culture, history etc.”

Daniel: “The trip was amazing and a very good experience. My personal favourite was the Victoria and Albert Museum because of the artistic views on the portrayal of Christianity.”

Dina: “The best thing about this trip was the fact that we were a small group but managed to have the full experience. Everyone got to look at whatever section they were interested in and I personally loved the art details that I got to see.”

Maria: “It was a very fun trip. We got to visit three different museums in just one day. All of them were interesting and I learnt something new. It is always fun to have a different way of learning, instead of just sitting in a class like any normal school day.”

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