Somriddho performed his poem in Reading

Posted: 31st January 2018


Somriddho Dasgupta, our A Level student, enjoys writing his own poems. He was asked to perform his latest poem at the South Streets Art Centre in Reading.



Your hair still lingers, but in new shades of blue

Your smile still sparkles, but its done blinding me through


We don’t dance on our oil canvas anymore

Strangers, blew out prim rose candles

In sheets velvet, turned them gold


Sometimes the truth isn’t true enough

For I took you for petroleum

To start an ignition in my jet black heart

Instead, you kissed me down to ashes

Wore them as a highlight on your cheekbones

High, high enough to start a war


Often the truth isn’t true enough

The ashes are your combusted soul

That I step on with my Balenciaga shoes

Remains of the Hollister you

The fire in my lips

The explosion from our spark


The truth isn’t true enough

I can not hurt you

I will burn blue

But never burn you



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