Manga Workshop@Padworth

Posted: 20th December 2017

children drawing

Last term we held a Manga workshop at our school. Steph O’Brien, an experienced British manga artist, helped our students. Steph taught us how to draw a basic manga figure and showed us different techniques for drawing eyes, from Pokémon eyes to Disney eyes. She even taught us how to draw her signature eye shape! Steph O’Brien also talked about her job as a mangaka (author of Manga) and showed us her some of her sketches of the current manga she’s making. Personally, I struggle a lot with hand shapes, but now, I can draw basic hands with ease. I also enjoyed the short stories we made with the story cubes. I think it’s very unique that we get to draw Manga at Padworth since most schools don’t accept it as “Art”.


By Jessica Crabbe, Year 9 student

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