Raising Money for the WaterBridge Outreach Charity

Posted: 4th December 2017

Raising Money for the WaterBridge Outreach Charity

On Thursday the 23 November 2017, we, the four members of Access, organised a book sale with the main aim of raising money for the WaterBridge Outreach charity. In the weeks leading up to the event, we carried out primary research which helped us to cement our ideas. Teachers and students showed their support for the event by donating good quality books, DVDs and other gifts.

As a result of everybody’s hard work, we were able to provide fun games and activities such as bagatelle, pin the tail on the donkey, guess the number of sweets in the jar and there was also a lucky dip. In addition to that, we offered a range of refreshments to buy; such as apple juice; freshly made popcorn; homemade pizza swirls and cupcakes.

After setting up the place and assigning different roles to each member, we were ready for things to begin. Many students and staff came along and supported the event by buying books, greetings cards and bookmarks and by taking part in the different activities offered. We were really pleased that the event went so well and that we raised a good sum for the cause we chose.

Special thanks to Cathryn Shakeshaft and Judith Palka for their help in organising the event and providing the food.

By Abiola, Andrew, Kaydee and Savva

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