Aldermaston Primary School visited us

Posted: 27th November 2017

children stood under a tree

A group of Year 3 students from Aldermaston Primary School visited us for an afternoon of activities. After arriving and being welcomed by John, our Principal, the students listened to tales read by students from Mexico, Thailand and China before answering fun questions on the stories.

After this, the students had to put together a jigsaw puzzle which gave them the first clue in a treasure hunt around our grounds. They then worked in small groups to answer questions, have phrases translated and collect certain items to complete the hunt. When all the groups had finished they were offered a delicious combination of apple juice and home-made cookies provided by Amit, our Head Chef, and his team.

Thanks to Carrie, Chaiwat, Emi and Nathanael for their help during the visit. We look forward to our next collaboration with Aldermaston Primary School in the new year.

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