On 1 June 2018 our annual Presentation Day took place on our beautiful grounds in front of the school. The day started with a school photo and individual as well as group photos with students. This was then followed by an abundant and delicious lunch prepared by our on-site chefs which allowed our Padworth community to gather and have a nice time.

The official opening of our Presentation Day was through a very warm welcome by our Chairman of the Trustees, Jonathan Rawes, which was followed by the Principal’s speech of John Aguilar before the prizes were presented to this year’s numerous prize winners. This year’s Fison Prize for Academic Excellence was awarded to Jonathan Park and the Principal’s Prize for All-round Endeavour was awarded to Prithvi Tejpal Shah. Congratulations to all prize winners! We enjoyed lovely music performances on the piano by our students – Matthew K., Jessica and Matthew G. – as well as our fabulous piano teacher Ikuko Inoguchi.

The highlight of the day was our guest speaker: the unique Graham Bell. The five time Olympian, sporting and television personality addressed our community in a very personal and enthusiastic speech stating: “If you approach life with the right mental attitude, then you will eventually steer your path. The most important thing in life is the small decisions that you make every single day.”

Then we listened to the speeches of our Senior Leaders. Alex Storey said: “It’s the people that make Padworth. I met some of the greatest people I have ever met already just by being here. We got teachers who really care. Please enjoy whatever it is you do because that’s the most important part.”

Finally, John shared his closing remarks highlighting that especially our school leavers should be true to themselves when they go out into the world to chase their dreams. “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, people will never forget how you made them feel. Listen to the music behind the words.” were John’s final words taken from his favourite quotation.



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