We are an Inclusive Community

Being a small school, students and staff have the opportunity to get to know each other really well.  Visitors often remark on the unique atmosphere they encounter at Padworth and the relaxed, informal relationships they witness between staff and students.

Each student is treated as an individual and their motivation and well-being is the top priority for our team who are always ready to offer advice and support.  We place great importance on caring for our students and supporting them in all aspects of their lives at school.  Our aim is to create a happy and secure environment with an atmosphere which is relaxed and yet purposeful, where the needs of the individual are recognised and respected.

Students come to Padworth from the United Kingdom and all over the world and there is a strong expectation that they are here both to achieve their academic potential and to develop into confident, responsible and independent young adults by the time they move on to university.

Communication with Parents

We believe that a successful education is based on a trusting partnership between teachers, parents and students.  Therefore regular communication with the parents is essential.  Termly progress reports are sent to parents to review progress.  However, the Principal and her team are always available to discuss any concerns.

Tutor Groups

Every student is a member of a small tutor group, which meets once a week.  The tutor plays an essential role in providing students with a regular opportunity to raise and discuss any issues and to ensure that each student is happy and focused.

The Student Forum

The students have their own representative body, the Student Forum, which is elected by the student community at the beginning of each academic year and which provides a forum for all students to have their say on any aspect of school life.  The Forum meets regularly to promote the views of the students.  In addition, a number of students are appointed to special positions as Head Boy, Head Girl and a number of Student Leaders.  The aim of these roles is to offer leadership opportunities for students within the school and to create an additional channel of communication for our school community.

Are you Padworth? If you are a unique individual and open–minded global citizen, we are the right school for you.

Tom Griffiths Padworth College Registrar
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