Co-curricular Activities

Padworth students are encouraged to participate in co-curricular activities to give an important balance to their academic study and to enable them to get the most out of school life.  Activities take place at lunchtimes, after school and at weekends and are organised both by our own Teaching and Boarding Staff as well as outside Instructors to cater for different tastes and talents.

End of term bbq (8)A wide choice of co-curricular activities is on offer – as well as a full programme of Saturday excursions and special interest trips to the theatre, museums and art galleries and activity days such as Go Karting and Paintballing.

Weekly Activity Programme for Autumn Term 2015  (please note that this programme is subject to change)
Monday Rugby, Badminton, Fundraising Club, Girls Football
Tuesday Boardgames, Korfball, Tums, Bums & Thighs Fitness, Netball, Dodgeball, Girls Gym, Basketball, Science Club
Wednesday Walking Club, Football coaching, Refresh, Boys Gym, Dance, Philosophy Club, Natural History Society, Pottery Club
Thursday Pottery Club, Table Tennis, Hide and Seek Cypher Challenge, Football, Horseriding, Music Club, Duke of Edinburgh Club

Friday Night Out – Cinema, Bowling or Ice Skating

Friday 25th September 2015: Boarders Party with disco and karaoke
Friday 6th November 2015: Halloween Night Party
Monday 30th November 2015: Christmas Dinner for all staff and students

Saturday Weekend Activities and Trips
12th September 2015: Reading
18th – 20th September 2015: PGL Residential Activity and Teambuilding Weekend for all students and staff
26th September: Go Ape Activity Centre, Bracknell
3rd October 2015: Bicester Village and Go Karting Activity Day
10th October 2015: London for sightseeing
17th October 2015: Paintballing Activity Day
16th, 17th and 18th October 2015: FIFA Tournament
7th November 2015: University Fair and Fireworks Night Event
14th November 2015: Go Karting Activity Day
21st November 2015: Visit to Oxford
28th November 2015: Football match – Bournemouth v Everton at Dean Court, Bournemouth and Theatre trip to see Wicked in the West End of London
Sunday Weekly trip to Reading Retail Park
Boarders’ Forum MeetingSunday 20th September 2015: Pizza and Doughnut Evening for Boarders


Here’s some news from a few of the Clubs…

Philosophy and Biology ClubOver the last two weeks, the Biology and Psychology clubs have organised a number of opportunities for all interested students to take part in discussions prompted by a talk given by the Biology teacher, Mark Baynes on the subject of Sexual selection and reproductive behaviour which is part of the teaching programme for both subjects.  Mark’s talk was directly linked with his PhD thesis and this was reflected in Mark’s expertise and passion for this particular topic. There was enthusiastic participation from the students taking part in the discussions and they were challenged to consider examples from the natural world from both the psychologist’s and biologist’s point of view.

The Economics Club meets each Thursday for lively discussions on ‘Economics in the News’.  So far this term they have explored the current news events which relate to Economics, such as the recent Scottish Referendum, the Budget plans of the main political parties and the UK’s membership of the EU.    Head of Economics, Michael Laizans runs the Club with the aim of helping students understand and enjoy the practical side of Economics.

Philosophy Club meets every Friday lunchtime to discuss interesting philosophical issues such as the Existence of God, Extra-curricular Activities for students - Chess ClubEthical puzzles and Beauty which have led to some lively discussions amongst the Sixth form students and staff who attend.  In the words of one of the students, “Philosophy Club is great because you can express and explain your ideas in a safe and sensible environment and it also widens your understanding by listening to other peoples’ opinions and views on subjects that don’t necessarily have a right or wrong answer”. 

Padworth College06Music

All students have the opportunity to take individual instrumental lessons which can be arranged for any instrument and will include theory of music – such lessons incur an additional charge. Singing lessons are also available.

The Padworth Music Club meets weekly during term time and everyone is welcome to join. Events are organised on a termly basis to offer the opportunity for the students to perform in front of an audience and these always provide a wonderful occasion for the college community to enjoy.

Trips and Social Events

Friday Night Out takes students to the cinema, iceskating or bowling to relax at the week’s end.Padworth Geo field trip (4)r

Every Saturday, there is a full day excursion to visit a city, place of interest, theme park or special activity.  This term, the trips include Reading, London, Oxford, Bicester Village, Go Karting, Paintballing, a residential weekend at PGL Activity Centre, a trip to a football match and a theatre trip to the West End of London.  Social events this term include a Disco and karaoke party, Hallowe’en Night party, a Bonfire and Fireworks party and the Staff and Student Christmas Dinner.

On Sunday, we take students to the nearby shopping centre and there is the opportunity to go horseriding.  Students use the facilities onsite to play basketball, football or use the student gym.

Extra-curricular Activities for Students: Walking along the CanalSocial events throughout the year include Welcome Suppers, Talent Nights,  Student discos, Hallowe’en Party,  Christmas in Words and Music, Leavers’ Prom, Presentation Day, Quiz Nights, Summer Art Exhibition, Sports Day and International Evening.

Students’ Forum and Boarders’ Forum

Extra-curricular Activities: NetballThe students have their own representative bodies, the Students’ Forum and the Boarders’ Forum, which provide an opportunity for all students to have their say on any aspect of school life and to organise events.

In addition, there are leadership opportunities for students and each year, individuals are appointed to a number of positions of responsibility such as Head of College, Deputy Head of College and Heads of Boarding for boys and girls.

I love interacting with people and at Padworth, I ran for the Students’ Forum and was elected – I tried my best to address any problems students may face and voice their concerns

Source: Xiao Qian, former Padworth student