Boarding Life

Girls Boarding May14 (2)The thriving boarding community offers students the chance to enjoy all the opportunities of school life to the full. Boarders enjoy readily available educational, social and sporting facilities throughout the week and at weekends. It is also an ideal option for students who live too far away to commute on a daily basis but who wish to return home at weekends as there is no Saturday school.

Our boarding students come from all over the world creating a rich and culturally diverse student community – friendships are forged here which broaden horizons and last a lifetime.

Ultimate responsibility for the welfare of all students rests with the Principal who lives on site during term time, the Deputy Principal and Head of Boarding who also live on site both during the week and weekends.

Day to day pastoral care is provided by our team of caring and committed resident boarding staff under the Head of Boarding whose role is to give all students a warm welcome and to guide, support, encourage and advise students on any issues that may arise as they integrate into boarding life. The boarding staff also organise activities in the evenings and at weekends for students to make the most of school life.  The Boarders’ Forum meets regularly to discuss ideas for development and improvements in all aspects of College life.

All boarders whose parents are not resident in the UK must have a guardian in the UK.  It is the Parents’ responsibility to appoint a guardian for their child – a list of suitable local guardians and guardianship agencies who currently represent students at Padworth can be sent upon request.


Padworth College single bedroom webStudents are accommodated in comfortable single or double study bedrooms and all meals are served in the College Dining Rooms. There are kitchen facilities in the boarding houses for the students to make their own drinks and snacks and sitting rooms with televisions where students can relax and socialise. Girls and boys are housed in separate boarding houses, each with their own resident Housemasters and Housemistresses living within the buildings. Students are expected to do their own personal laundry using the machines provided with support from Boarding staff as part of our programme to encourage independent living skills. Bed linen is provided and laundered weekly by the Domestic Staff.

Weekday Schedule

A typical weekday in boarding life looks like this:

A typical weekday in boarding life looks like this:
Weekday Schedule
8.00am-8.30am Breakfast is served in the Dining Room
8.40am-8.50am Registration
8.50am – 10.50am Lessons
10.50am Morning break
11.10am – 1.10pm Lessons
1.10pm-2.10pm Lunch break
2.10pm – 4.10pm Lessons
4.10pm – 4.50pm Co-curricular and Prep
5.30pm -6.00pm Supper
6.30pm – 8.00pm Quiet study time in the boarding houses or supervised study for younger students
8.00pm – 10.00pm Activity and Social time
10.00pm Bedtime – lights out for students under 17 (11.00pm on Friday and Saturday
11.00pm Bedtime – lights out for students aged 17+ (12.00 midnight on Friday and Saturday)

Weekends and holidays

Padworth College Boys Boarding May14 (4)The pace slows at the weekends when students are free to use the facilities of the school. Boarding Staff organise a programme of excursions, events and activities to encourage students to make effective use of their leisure time and to balance their academic studies.

There are no fixed exeat weekends or limitations on the number of weekends away. Boarders are free to visit relatives or friends any weekend provided that parents have given their permission; otherwise they are accompanied whenever they leave the college site. The College closes for a week’s half term break during the Autumn term and a 5 day half term break in the Spring term and for the Christmas, Easter and Summer holidays, during which all students must leave the College and find suitable alternative accommodation.

Padworth College Girls Boarding (1)Please click here to read the Padworth College Handbook for Parents of Boarding Students (including Boarding Principles)

The outcomes for boarders are excellent.  Pupils from a wide variety of backgrounds are integrated into the school and individuality is respected.  Relationships are excellent across the community and new boarders feel immediately welcome.

Source: Independent Schools Inspectorate Report, October 2015