“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new”-Albert Einstein

As a teacher and a leader, I really love this quote because it embodies everything that we try to instil in our students and also in ourselves. Mistakes are part of the learning process and should be seen as such. Learning from mistakes and learning how to cope when making mistakes are the key to being a great learner.

In assembly on Monday, I asked if there was anybody who had never made a mistake-1 person raised their hand, of course, proving the old saying, that there’s always 1! When I asked her if she had ever fallen over when learning to walk, she quickly changed her mind.

So if we make plenty of mistakes when learning to walk, learning to talk, learning to use a knife and fork, tie our shoe laces etc…why do we become so self-conscious as we get older? What are we afraid of? Being different? Being labelled as something not very nice? Whatever the reason, it’s a great shame.

Any teacher will tell you that it is so much better to try something and to get it wrong than to not try at all because it is a really important part of learning. Not only for you, but it lets your teacher see what you don’t know or what misunderstanding there may be. Don’t forget if you get it wrong, others will be thinking the same thing as you. Guaranteed.

Never forget that the only person who cares if you make a mistake is you-as KT Tunstall said “Even if you fail…you know no one really minds.”

Really important to remember this next time you make a mistake and relax, because it took Einstein over 11 years to come up with the final version of the theory of general relativity. I wonder how many mistakes he made in that time…

Have a great weekend wherever you are and don’t forget to pop in and see us if you are in the area

Best Wishes

Chris Randell