“Be who you are in every situation” Michael Johnson

Independence is the theme this week and an excellent quotation to sum it up from a phenomenal athlete. Michael Johnson held the world record for 400m for over 17 years which is amazing when one thinks about how many competitions there are and how athletes seem to be getting fitter, faster, stronger and better prepared all the time.

It is a quotation which sums up what is great about being in an international school and what we would like all of our students to understand and demonstrate. It is not always the easy thing to do, especially when one’s friends, housemates, classmates are all doing something different or telling us to do something…

Trust is a vital ingredient for independence however, and, certainly in a school setting, we have to know that we can trust students if they are seeking that little bit more independence. It is always heartening to see our older students show that we can trust them and they can be afforded that independence that they so rightly crave, and do not have to be directly supervised every minute of the day.

A really good example of this is evening prep. Once we know that we can trust students to do their prep, complete their essays, learn their vocabulary or whatever task they have on a given evening, we are more than happy for them to choose where they study in the evenings-in their bedrooms, in a classroom, outside when the weather is better, rather than to have to be supervised with the younger students. They appreciate this independence, grow from it, take more responsibility and, as a result, tend to study harder.

Have a great weekend wherever you are and don’t forget to pop in and see us if you are in the area

Best Wishes

Chris Randell