“Drama is life with the dull bits cut out” Alfred Hitchcock

So true. So, so true. Listening to some students talking the other day about how boring it can be to do the same thing every day and have the same lessons with the same teachers got me thinking about opportunities, choices, jobs and life in general. A bit deep for a Monday night, but sometimes these things happen! I was thinking about how lucky I am in my job and how lucky our students are to come from loving, caring backgrounds and families who are willing and able to invest in their future to ensure that they do not have to spend the rest of their lives in jobs that they maybe did not choose, do not enjoy, are repetitive and physically demanding and have no prospects.

Now then. That may sound a little elitist, because we need people who are willing to do all sorts of jobs that as most of us would not be prepared to, but we are very fortunate to have that choice.

Choice is the key work here. I always say to the students when talking about making GCSE, A Level and University choices, that it is a game (some would add that life itself is just a game!) The game is how do I maximise my chances of getting what I want, getting to go where I want and doing what I want? For the vast majority of subjects, universities, beyond the main subject, do not care what other 2 A Levels somebody has-therefore it doesn’t matter! Sometimes even the main subject doesn’t matter-just ask some of my Year 13 students! And if that doesn’t matter, then, with some exceptions, it doesn’t matter what GCSEs a student chooses and so forth. Play the game. If your favourite subject is Geography, do Geography, if it is Maths, do Maths. By making those positive, informed choices, maybe life will be a little less dull.

That is such an easy thing to write, but such and difficult thing to achieve. For Year 9s, Year 9 work is the hardest thing they have ever done (and therefore the same is true for each following year at school, although arguably not university). Each lesson is new discovery, each piece of prep important and each test make or break. Wow. What pressure. Taking a step back, however, this is correct and as it should be, but all within the limits of the day, in other words, friends, sport, family, hobbies etc are also important as they provide a sense of being, of freedom and relaxation.

So what am I saying? School doesn’t matter, find your own path of least resistance because life is dull? In some ways yes, that is exactly what I am saying. More importantly, however, I am saying accept that there will be things that you don’t enjoy doing in life, learn how to mentally and physically cope with them and find something that you are passionate about, dream about and live for because those are the things that make us really live. A bit deep for a Friday afternoon too.

Have a great weekend wherever you are and don’t forget to pop in and see us if you are in the area

Best Wishes

Chris Randell