A Team take gold in the Padolympics

The annual sports afternoon, or Padolympics as it has come to be called, started with some apprehension as the weather threatened to spoil the day. Fortunately sport prevailed and the rain stayed away and. This year saw the introduction of 7 Sports Stations, each consisting of a different sporting challenge for the 5 teams of students. Early on Team BP (mainly ISC students) took a big lead as they racked up a huge 72 points on the Basketball free-throw station. However, it was soon clear that Fun Guns had a spring in their step as they dominated the standing long jump station with 85 points. Whilst the points were totalised, each group were invited to take part in the Dizzy Dummies race which required all students to run to a stick, go round it 10 times and then race back to their group. Much hilarity ensued as students ran sideways, the wrong way and even fell over.  The final scores placed the teams as follows; 5th Kanser (177 pts), 4th Team BP (249 pts), 3rd G Team (260 pts), 2nd Fun Guns (317 pts) and in 1st place the aptly named A Team with 318 pts.

The A Team won the competition by 1 point which turned out to be the equivalent of 1 second on the Up & Under Ball Pass Station. After the Presentation Ceremony, staff and students enjoyed a BBQ.