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Landmark Challenge (Year 9, E2 and E3 students)

Last week saw this term’s UK Landmark Challenge winner announced. E3 student Mommam received a landmark for an excellent piece of writing which meant that he finished the term with six. In second place was Chaiwat with five and Carrie finished third with four. David, Ali, Kate and Cathryn would like to thank all the […]

Raising Money for the WaterBridge Outreach Charity

On Thursday the 23 November 2017, we, the four members of Access, organised a book sale with the main aim of raising money for the WaterBridge Outreach charity. In the weeks leading up to the event, we carried out primary research which helped us to cement our ideas. Teachers and students showed their support for […]

Fundraising Club supports Epilepsy Research

In our Fundraising Club students present charities they would like to support and then vote on a charity they would like to support for the term. A couple of students have a personal interest in Epilepsy Research (https://www.epilepsyresearch.org.uk/) and that is the chosen charity for this term. The teacher acts as facilitator to guide the […]

Aldermaston Primary School visited us

A group of Year 3 students from Aldermaston Primary School visited us for an afternoon of activities. After arriving and being welcomed by John, our Principal, the students listened to tales read by students from Mexico, Thailand and China before answering fun questions on the stories. After this, the students had to put together a […]

Happy United Nations Day

During the first half of the Autumn term our Year 9 was studying Britain’s history 1750-1900 and made a stop motion movie in class to illustrate the Slave Trade Triangle between Europe, West Africa and the West Indies. Watch the stop motion movie: https://youtu.be/P93ljsESeKg. Today we celebrate the United Nations Day and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights […]