GCSE Courses

Students aged 14-16 follow a full two-year programme leading to GCSE/IGCSE in up to 9 subjects chosen from a wide range. All students study the compulsory core of English Language, Mathematics and Core Science with supporting courses and activities. Within this framework, students may choose up to five subjects from the following:

Art and Design, English Literature, Geography, French, ICT, History and Music.   Students have the option of Biology, Chemistry and Physics lessons in their second year of GCSE studies with the option to take all three subjects.

Prospective students and parents may specifically request subjects that do not form part of our standard GCSE curriculum.  While it will not always be possible to meet such requests, some subjects can be offered as an optional extra.  Please ask for further details.

GCSE courses are examined through a mixture of written papers, coursework assignments and, where appropriate, practical assessments. GCSEs are graded on a scale from A* (highest mark) to G (lowest mark) plus an ungraded U. Grades A*, A, B and C are considered to be acceptable pass grades for university entrance.

Padworth offers a number of IGCSE courses which are the international version of the GCSE as set by Edexcel and Cambridge. Coursework is always optional in IGCSE courses.

The range of GCSE and IGCSE courses on offer is constantly under review and new subjects are offered from time to time. Equally, it cannot be guaranteed that all the subjects listed will run in any particular year as this depends upon the number of students who wish to take them. A one-year GCSE/IGCSE programme also operates for students aged 15+.