AS/A Level Business Studies


Exam Board: AQA 2131


The course provides a good foundation for the further study of Business in higher education as well as providing a good general education.  It is also useful for students intending to pursue careers in any area of business.  Students will develop an understanding of organisations, the markets they serve and the process of adding value.  They will also study business behaviour and be made aware of the economic, environmental, ethical, governmental, legal, social and technological issues associated with business activity.

  • Planning and Financing a Business – Starting a business, Financial planning
  • Managing a Business – Finance, People in business, Operations management, Marketing and the competitive environment
  • Strategies for Success – Functional objectives and strategies, Financial strategies and accounts, Marketing strategies, Operational strategies, Human resource strategies
  • The Business Environment and Managing Change – Corporate aims and objectives, Assessing changes in the business environment, Managing change


AS Level – Year 1

Planning and financing a business – Examination 1 hour 15 minutes and consists of short answer questions and extended responses based on a mini case study.

40% of the AS level and 20% of the A Level

Managing a business – Examination 1 hour 30 minutes and consists of compulsory, multi-part data response questions

60% of the AS level and 30% of the A level

A level – Year 2

Strategies for Success – Examination 1 hour 45 minutes

25% of the A Level and consists of questions requiring extended answers based on an unseen case study drawing upon knowledge from AS units.

The Business Environment and Managing Change – Examination 1 hour 45 minutes

25% of A level and consists of pre-release research tasks leading to the first section of a two section examination.  The second section will consist of a choice of essays.  All questions will be essay style and synoptic therefore drawing upon knowledge from all four units.

Entry requirements

No prior business studies knowledge is required to undertake this two-year course of study. Students must have an acceptable level of English language understanding (at least GCSE English grade C or equivalent) as written essays are a major part of assessment.

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