A Level Courses


A Level courses offer students aged 16-19 the opportunity to specialise in the subjects they enjoy and in which they have done well at GCSE level or equivalent. A Levels remain the most popular route into UK Universities and our University Counsellor works closely with all A Level students to make sure they are making the right choices of course and university and to support and encourage them in making their UCAS applications.

A Levels are based on six units of approximately equal size.  Three of the units make up the AS Level (Advanced Subsidiary) which represents the first year of the course and which represents a qualification in its own right and is worth half an A Level in terms of UCAS points. In the second year, students continue with a further three units, known as A2, at the end of which successful candidates will receive the full A Level.  The papers at AS level are graded A to E for pass grades, with U (unclassified) for fail.  At the second year A Level there is now an additional A* grade to recognise outstanding work.

At Padworth, students normally study up to four AS Levels during the first year with supporting courses, such as IELTs where needed.  It is possible to study fewer subjects or in very exceptional cases to study 5 AS subjects. At the end of the first year, students may choose to stop one of their AS level subjects and carry the remainder through to A Level.

Padworth offers a wide range of subjects including Accounting, Art and Design, Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Economics, English Language and Literature, Geography, Government and Politics, Mathematics (Pure Maths, Mechanics and Statistics), Further Mathematics, Physics, Psychology, and Sociology.  Please note that Further Mathematics counts as two A Levels – it incorporates all the single subject Mathematics papers as well as others.  Further Mathematics is only for very capable Mathematicians.

The range of courses is constantly under review and new subjects are offered from time to time. Equally it cannot be guaranteed that all subjects listed will run in any particular year as this depends upon the number of students who wish to take them.  Prospective students and parents may specifically request subjects that do not form part of our standard A Level curriculum, eg French.  While it will not always be possible to meet such requests, some subjects can be offered as an optional extra.  There may be extra tuition costs with these subjects.  Please ask for further details.

If you require any further information, please contact the Principal or Deputy Principal to discuss your requirements.